Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Release Day, Sam Wayland!

Big, huge congratulations to fellow Quirky Lady Sam Wayland, whose debut novel is out today! Yay, Sam! With Grace is a sexy, emotional menage's hot, it's touching, and that guy on the cover has a nice scruffy beard thing going on.....see it!

Here's the blurb for Sam's wonderful story...please stop by next week for Penelope's review.


Grace loves her boyfriend, Philip, she loves her job, and she might just love her boss, but she can ignore that. She and Philip are building a life together and it’s almost perfect. So what if their sex life is less than spectacular?

Philip loves Grace absolutely. She’s the only woman for him. But the more he gets to know Mark…well, he can ignore that. After all, he’s well practiced at suppressing his real desires.

Mark lives for his restaurant, Valentine’s, but he can’t resist flirting with Grace, his hostess, any chance he gets. And he can’t remember ever being more attracted to a man than Philip. Not that it matters, as they’re committed to each other and he respects that.

A lawyer yearning to shed his inhibitions but afraid to turn up the heat, a brilliant PhD candidate with the secret desire for more spice, and the chef who craves them both. When three passionate people dare to fulfill their appetites, they find the perfect recipe for love.