Friday, June 11, 2010

Beard of the Day

To commemorate the new A-Team movie, Bradley Cooper is our illustrious model for Beard of the Day. He is too much of a pretty boy for my scruffy tastes, but even I have to admit he rocks his beard. It takes the edge off that pretty boy face. (Also, he's totally ripped...check out the trailer).

I can't wait to see this one! Thrills, spills and Liam Neeson...I'm all over this baby!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. We've got swim lessons, a piano recital, strawberry-picking, and a birthday party. I'm counting the days until summer vacation!



Carolyn Crane said...

Hey! Thanks for yet another fabulous beard interlude! Have a great weekend. You'll have to report back on the A team!

Blodeuedd said...

Mmmm that is a good beard

Kwana said...

Nice beard.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Yeah, he's damn cute. Thanks!

Penny Watson said...

Hi, Ladies! Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Jackie said...

A-Team grown up style in my opinion!! I did love the TV show characters, especially George Peppards Hannibal but this movie is one have waited for and tomorrow it is mine to finally watch!!!!

thanks for sharing and hope you get to see the movie this weekend too!!

jackie b central texas

Penny Watson said...

Hey Jacki...let me know what you think about the movie!

Jackie said...

Penelope, The A-Team is a rip roaring good time for all. Kind of cheesy, but so was the TV show and I loved every episode!!!

Bradley Cooper has def been working out and the others were a hoot to watch. My only ick factor is the main female lead Jessica Biel, wish they would have picked some other leading actress but oh well!!

It was a nice way to spend a couple hours watching things get blown up!!!
Hope you get to go see it and have fun!!

jackie b central texas

Penny Watson said...

Jackie...I agree about Jessica Biel..she's not my favorite, either. So glad the movie was fun! I didn't get to it this weekend...maybe next, and I also want to see Splice which looks like a good horror movie.