Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday M/M Recs from Nico Jaye

Nico Jaye has some awesome M/M holiday recs for us. 
Thanks, Nico!

Wow, when I wasn't looking, Christmas just snuck up on me and went boo! Oh, wrong holiday? Um, maybe tinsel! Either way, it's suddenly Christmas, and I haven't had my fill of holiday stories. *makes grabby hands at the gingerbread books* To remedy that, I picked one up the other day that I just adored, and in the spirit of the holiday season, I figured I'd share with y'all some m/m holiday recs that might be a little under the radar. =)

Mending Noel by Charlie Cochet – Ahhhh! Holy Holly, I just picked up this story, and I absolutely adored it. For some reason, I saw the stitching on the little heart on the cover and was under the impression that this was a baseball story. Boy was I sooooo not even in the ballpark (heh heh!) with that one! This fantasy holiday novella is set in the North Pole and stars worker bee elves, hottie Rein Dears, and a Prince of Frost. I imagine this is what Penny's world would look like if it had hot man on man action. *winks* Mending Noel is adorable as office worker elf Tim muddles through the holiday season under the critical eye of his boss Noel. Of course, not everything is as it appears, and the romance that blossoms between these two boys – I mean elves – is wonderful. This is also a sweet romance with only some kissing and petting; nothing else is onscreen. Highly recommended!

Sixty Five Hours and Sixty Five Hours: The Twelve Days of Christmas by N.R. Walker – Sixty Five Hours is one of my favorite m/m stories, period. It's so much fun and totally hot. Unlike Mending Noel, there's plenty of sexytimes in this one, so have your fan ready because it's gonna get steamy! Sixty Five Hours is about two ad execs and follows another enemies-to-lovers type of storyline. It's wonderful, and, awesomely, it's FREE. So give it a whirl, and, after you finish falling in love with Luc and Cam, go read the freebie holiday story Sixty Five Hours: The Twelve Days of Christmas, too.

The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott – A feel good and heartwarming story about a young man who was thrown away from home—that is, he didn't run away from home, but rather was thrown out for being gay.  Ben's on duty when he finds Zach sleeping on a church bench one cold winter night, and instead of bringing him into the police station, he brings him home to his mama. Young throwaway Zach is a super sympathetic character, and his romance with Ben is gentle and develops organically. The Christmas Throwaway is just a feel good story and perfect for cozying up during the holidays.

Secret Santa Surprise by Tam Ames – This story is as crazy and wacky as its cover. Yes, that's a *ahem* used in the mistletoe. Secret Santa Surprise was one of the first m/m stories I ever read, and I ended up liking it a lot. It's just fun and zany, featuring a doesn't-realize-he's-gay manager of a *ahem* "special" toy company, bikers-as-reindeer, and an adorable little baby who brings her uncle and the aforementioned manager together. It's silly, fun, short, and free. Nothing happens onscreen between the characters, but be forewarned that it's definitely suggestive with lots of sex from the other characters. It's hard to describe, but for a freebie, I really liked it and revisit it around the holidays every year.

On deck right now on my Kindle are Amy Lane's Christmas with Danny Fit, Eli Easton's Blame It on the Mistletoe, and Madison Parker's Sock it to Me, Santa! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and that you have plenty of fun stories lined up to keep you cozy and warm. Happy reading!

From Penelope...

Nico--Thank you so much for these reviews. The stories sound adorable.

ALSO, READERS TAKE NOTE: Nico Jaye has a super fluffy holiday story called A Man-to-Man Christmas. And it's a free download! Yipppeeeee! Get it HERE!