Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Couple of Amazeballs Movie Recs from Nico Jaye

Movie Reviews by Nico Jaye

We're all just kids at heart!

Cartoons are awesome. I love 'em, and there are some reeeeeeeeeeally good ones out there.  Disney's Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites, and to this day I still gravitate towards that trope. In the m/m world, I suppose you could take my love of geek/jock stories as evidence of that. =)

I saw two animated movies this past holiday weekend that were amazeballs! Totally recommend them if you're looking for an uplifting story and some smiles.

Frozen just came out in the theaters and features lots of the beautiful animation for which Disney is so famous. The film is just gorgeous with a really heartwarming message at the center of it. The story follows a princess as she tries to convince her sister, who has accidentally cast a perpetual winter over the land, to come back to their village to reverse the winter and bring back summer.  The sisters are strong heroines, and it's awesome to see such positive and empowering role models for young girls out there. Frozen promotes family and loving people for who they are, and the true love in the end is such a wonderful twist on Disney fairy tales.

Wreck-It Ralph was available On Demand, and since I was one of the five people who hadn't seen it yet, I finally decided to take the plunge. IT WAS AWESOME. I loved this movie. Wreck-It Ralph, the titular antihero, is the bad guy in a retro-popular arcade game.  When he decides he doesn't want to be bad all the time—and who can blame him for just wanting some love?—he goes on a quest to win a medal that would prove he's worthy of everyone's respect and affection.  The journey that he goes on is so gorgeous and fun and quirky. Some of the scenes feature cameos from famous bad guys in other cartoons; I was so excited to spot Bowser from Super Mario Brothers and M. Bison from the Street Fighter series. The story itself features wonderful messages about self-acceptance, confidence, and teamwork. There's even a little (unexpected!) romance between some of these cartoon cuties. Overall, Wreck-It Ralph was fantabulous, and I even found myself brushing back a tear at the sweet and poignant ending.

Frozen: B+
Wreck-It Ralph: A

Reviews by Nico Jaye


(Quick comment from Penelope...Wreck-It Ralph is out on DVD and that would make an awesome holiday gift! Just saying!)