Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!


A few updates...

1. My search for vanilla menage was finally successful! Last night I read COMMANDO COWBOYS SEDUCE THEIR WOMAN by Paige Cameron. It had a M/F/M menage, no hardcore BDSM, no anal, and no crazy sex things that I had to Google to figure out what they meant. It even had a romantic HEA with a baby-on-the-way! (Baby with 2 daddies, hee hee!) 

Some observations about this book...

* The characters ate a lot of sandwiches. And snacks. And beverages. THEY NEVER SKIPPED A MEAL!

* They all had a very keen sense of smell. If things didn't work out on the ranch, they could probably get a job in Paris as a perfumer.

* A romance with three partners is called a "polyromance" according to Siren.

* The story was pretty much what you'd expect with a threesome erotica...instant attraction, etc. BUT this was not an alpha-caveman story. It was what I refer to as a "caretaker"'s every woman's deepest desire. Sure, she wants two hot sexy dudes to cater to her every sexual whim and ensure satisfaction. But more importantly, she wants a foot massage, and her guys to cook for her and do the dishes. (It's pretty obvious a woman wrote this book). 

* The end actually had a pretty cool suspense storyline. I liked it!

Over-all assessment: C+/B- 

I liked it, and I bought the next one in the series! Yee haw!

2. RT Book Reviews has started a 3-part series on self-publishing. Kit Rocha and I are interviewed in the first part of the series. Here's the linkie!


Hope everyone has a great Halloween. Enjoy those horror movies. ONE MORE NIGHT!