Monday, June 10, 2013

Swedish Meatballs For The Win!

Some mini reviews...Ready! Set! Go!

1. Temporary Position by Scarlett Parish

This was my first read by Scarlett (aptly named for Scarlett O'Hara). We met on Twitter, and now she sends me emails with headings like "you festering cock-knocker"(what does that even mean?). This quickie was well-written, has that awesome British flair I love, and was smoky-sexy hot. It's a menage, and one of the men is Swedish. He spends half the story whispering naughty things (that are not translated) in Swedish. It totally works. You have no idea what he's saying (just as the heroine doesn't), but you know it's something naughty. Great way to build up the sexual tension in the story. Loved that!

Grade: A


2. Skin In The Game by Jackie Barbosa

I don't like football, I don't love contemporary romance, but somehow this story worked for me. The heroine is a super smart-sports analysis gal, which is a very cool combination--I love smart and sporty together. The hero is a football star with an injury, who returns to his hometown to coach the high school team. This was a very engaging story. Barbosa did a great job developing a believable romance between these two characters, incorporated just the right amount of football (not too much, not too little), and gave the reader a satisfying HEA. I heartily enjoyed this one.

Grade: B+


3. Don't Bite The Bridesmaid by Tiffany Allee

Just finished this last night. It was my kind of vampire story...nice and light, not too heavy with the politics, and lots of sexy chemistry between the old cranky vampire hero and the young whipper-snapper human heroine. Fun read!

Grade: B+


4. The Sheikh's Last Gamble by Trish Morey

Typical, but charming Harly with a-hole billionaire and spurned lover with the secret baby. I found this quite entertaining. There are a few little twists and turns you don't see with most of these books. One of the better quality sheikh books I've read (I can't believe I just typed that sentence).

Grade: B


5. The Warlord by Elizabeth Elliott

An oldie, but I didn't find it to be a goodie. I DNFed it at the half-way mark. Read like a trying-too-hard-to-be-Julie Garwood knock-off.

Grade: DNF


That's it, folks! Hope you all have a great week. I am thrilled that my cough is slowly getting better, my poison ivy has dried up, and I passed the kidney stone. So, things are looking up!

All my best,


Blodeuedd said...

I totally want to check the first book now and see if they got it right

Scarlett Parrish said...

Howdy! I checked with my token Swedish gay friend and he assures me he didn't muck me about with the translation. If he did, just you let me know and I'll kick him in the knackers so hard he'll be spitting testes for a month.

(Why does it matter that he's gay? It doesn't. In fact he was disgusted the two male characters' winkies were going ladystyle and said I should have had some bumming in the book. He may have slipped me an anal phrase without me knowing.)

So any mistakes are completely down to him and I absolve myself of all responsibility.

The genius, entertaining, sexy, funny bits are all down to me, though. :D


Unknown said...

Sheesh, Penny you temptress I thought you were going to give me a recipe for proper meatballs and you give me this, you are shameless woman absolutely shameless

But a did giggle xxxxx

Heidenkind said...

I hated The Warlord, too. I think you're the only person I know who isn't in love with it. #solidarity

Penny Watson said...

Blodeuedd--tell me what they say! Please!

Penny Watson said...

Scarlett--It would be really funny if one of the sentences actually said "I'm in the mood for some Swedish meatballs." :^)

Penny Watson said...

Sorry, Tom--no real meatball recipes here...just naughty bits! :^)

Penny Watson said...

Tasha...don't even get me started on WARLORD! UGH UGH UGH! As I was reading, I recognized dialogue and scenarios straight out of Julie Garwood books. Seriously. The characters, the language, the plot, everything copied JG. It was ridiculous. But unfortunately, it was a tepid knock-off, not nearly as good as JG.

Jessi said...

Just downloaded the sample of Temporary Position. I just can't get the idea of a nipple-clamp wielding Swedish chef (from The Muppet Show). Ner-ny-ner-ny-ner *tosses noodles until they fly over my head*

Scarlett Parrish said...

Penny - I sent you the Cheat Sheet for Temporary Position. DON'T YOU TRUST ME?

Jessi - I actually modelled Sebbe on the Swedish Chef. I told Penny it was Alexander Skarsgard, but it was really the Chef.

Penny Watson said...

Hee hee hee!

Julia Barrett said...

Busy girl! I'm reading an amazing series recommended by Tom - The Conqueror series. It's wowza!

Penny Watson said...

Julia...I'm going to look that up. It sounds good. :^)