Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coming Soon: "Adult-Like" Trends In Fiction

First we had...

YA = Young Adult

Now we have...

NA = New Adult

Coming Soon!

These just keep getting younger and younger and younger----

PTA = Pre-Tweenie Adult (8-12)

DLAA = Dresses Like An Adult (elementary school age)

ALAA = Acts Like An Adult (toddlers)

BFA = Baby-Faced Adult (newborn)

SCPA = Single Cell Pre-Adult (aka, embryonic stage)

and finally...

PTMAA = Potential To Make An Adult (sperm/egg)

And, in the other direction----

PMLCA = Pre-Midlife Crisis Adult (30s)

EGDA = Everyone's Getting Divorced Adult (40s)

IPWISA = I Pee When I Sneeze Adult (50s)

IHWOMWA = I Have Wrinkles On My Wrinkles Adult (60s)

NOWTRAYA = No One Wants To Read About You Adult (70+)

DA = Dead Adult

And some extras...

SIA = Super Immature Adult

HA = Horny Adult

BA = Billionaire Adult

PTBATBRASOVA = Pretending To Be A Teen But Really A Sparkly Old Vampiric Adult (aka, The Twilight Effect)

AA = A-hole Adult

MRAA = Motorcycle-Riding A-hole Adult

AYDWAWTRAA = Angsty Young Dingalings Who Adults Want To Read About-Adult

Ah, the joys of youth.

Feeling old,