Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New England Romance Readers! Mark Your Calendar: April 27!

Something exciting is coming up on Saturday April 27! At the Burlington Marriott! In Burlington, Mass! From 3:30-5:30!

What's happening, Penelope?

There is going to be a big bunch of romance authors hanging out, signing books, chatting, and some of them will probably be wearing tiaras or sparkly unicorn tattoos. Or both!

Penny's tiara

Who will be there, Penelope?

Well, thanks for asking! Look at this amazing crew of writers...

Julia Quinn Caroline Linden Hannah Howell
 Loretta Chase  Marie Force
   Tiffany Reisz   Sarah MacLean  
Cara McKenna Donna Alward Cathryn Parry 
Barbara Wallace Terri Brisbin Ella Drake
Ashlyn Chase Marissa Doyle 
Lesley Matthews Karen Stivali
Anna DeStefano Corrina Lawson 
Laura Moore Lena Goldfinch
Frances Stockton Judy Phillips 
Victoria Morgan Megan Frampton 
Liberty Blake Stephanie Queen 
Christina James Samantha Wayland
Jordan Rose Sammie Grace
Megan Caldwell Miranda Neville
Lisa Carlisle Jamie Cat Callan
 Kate Locke Amy Atwell
Kady Cross Wendy Marcus Rosza Gaston
Pepper Goodrich Lisa Verge Higgins
Cara Elliott Kate Cross Colleen Connally
KJ Montgomery Teresa Noelle Roberts
and finally
Penny Watson!

This is a once-in-lifetime opportunity for New England romance readers. Buy books, get autographs, take pics with your favorite authors. It should be a roaring good time!

I will post a reminder next Friday, but I just wanted to let everyone know this week so you all could make plans, get out your sequins, and hopefully make your way to Burlington next weekend.

Hope to see many of you at the Burlington Marriott 
April 27, 3:30-5:30!! (Hm. Is that happy hour?)

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