Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beers And Cheers

First up...The Beers!

I read this cute, quick, sexy story by Angela Quarles last week--Beer and Groping in Las Vegas. The title hooked me instantly. It's awesome! This is a short contemporary, with a paranormal premise, two geeky characters, tons of pop culture references (including Monty Python and Star Wars similes), some sexy times with beer (original and very well done), finishing up with a sweet HEA. There was a bit too much sex for such a short story--I would have preferred more dialogue--but I liked how Quarles managed to squeeze in some sweet, touching sentiments with all the boinking. Overall, a nice debut with room to grow. And I especially appreciate having geeky characters who fall in love. 

Grade: B

One more beer...

Still my favorite winter beer. I would definitely recommend drinking a nice frosty Allagash White while reading Beer and Groping in Las Vegas. :)

Now for The Cheers...

LUMBERJACK IN LOVE made some Best of 2012 Lists! Woo hoo!

I made Kati's Top 10 Best of 2012 List (from Romancing Rakes): "Break out the flannel and get ready to laugh out loud while falling in love with a bearded lumberjack." Yay!

LUMBERJACK also made the Best of 2012 Novella list from Swept Away by Romance (Jennifer Ashley's A Mackenzie Family Christmas was in that group, too!).

Marcus from LUMBERJACK made a 2012 Swoony Heroes We'd Run The Other Way From list! From Basia's Bookshelf: "He's sexy, smart, funny and sweet...There's a giant deal-breaker for me...he lives in the woods." Hee hee!

And finally, a great honor only bestowed upon the finest of novels...My original cover for LUMBERJACK made the LOUSY BOOK COVERS blog. 


Folks from all over the world are now making fun of my (joke) book cover, without actually realizing the cover was supposed to be a joke. So I guess the joke's on me? them? Hey, he included a link to Amazon so I'm not complaining. This site is definitely entertaining. My two favorite covers are Elfthade and Spending Christmas With A Yeti

LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE is off to the formatter, and I'm starting book #2 of the Lumberjack series today. 

Hope everyone has a great week!