Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Quick Message From Lucy

Hello there! This is Lucy, long-suffering weenie dog who lives at Penelope's house.

(Yes. That is a HORRIBLE, ill-fitting tomato red sweater that Penny and the other humans in my house thought would enhance my wardrobe. Personally, the collar alone works JUST fine for me. No need for this asinine sweater. After they finished laughing until they cried, they removed the offending garment from my body. *shudder*)

Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and let you all know that Penny is hard at work finishing up LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE, the most brilliant book she will ever publish, with the most stunning and exciting heroine ever to grace the pages of a book. (That would be me. Lucy.)

Happy New Year to all the humans and canines and I guess cats, too, and also birds, alpacas and any other quirky pets out there.

Penny will be back when she finishes my book and makes me a star.

Time for my 149th nap of the morning,

P.S. Penny made a cool new blog for me today. LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE!