Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You're Reading What?

You're reading.....

....a novel? How embarrassing. Don't tell anyone. Scandalous, I tell you.

....popular fiction? Really. That's rather lowbrow don't you think?

.....romance? Bodice rippers? Ha! What a bunch of crap! erotic story? Oh my God! That's pornographic. Certainly not "real" fiction.

....BDSM/menage/slash stories? That's unnatural. Perverse. No worthwhile publisher would consider that. e-book? How cheesy. Those aren't real books.

....something published by a small, independent publisher? If it's not out of New York, it doesn't count.

....a self-published book? Any loser can do that. It has no value.

Pondering the prevalence of pompous comments on the internet and over the course of history,


Unknown said...

Geez, isn't is crazy that people really think these things?

Penny Watson said...

I just find it amusing how the snobbiness evolves over time.

Isabel Roman said...

I find it amusing that these snobs might actually LIKE one of those 'other' books if the actually read them. Snobbery usually evolves based on ignorance.

Penny Watson said...

Just a couple of years ago, everyone was saying how e-books were crap. Now every major publisher has their books available in digital format. Veryyyyy interesting.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Love the way you take the long view.

Tales of Whimsy said...


Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia....we don't learn very much from history, do we?