Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Matching Quiz From Penelope

For a quick weekly summary from Penelope, please take this matching quiz. Thank you very much.

1. Jo Jo            

2. The Many Sins of Lord Cameron              

3. Cadillac Mountain      

4. Too Perfect       

5. Daughter's unfortunate discovery on lobster boat in Kennebunkport            

6. Sentence most repeated by 13 year old son during vacation week in Maine        

7. Sentence most repeated by 8 year old daughter during vacation week in Maine      

8. Favorite activities during vacation        

9. Wackiest news of the week  

10. Operation Spank Me

A. "What's for dessert?" (#7)

B. Dead fish found floating at top of tank when we returned home from vacation (#1)

C. Excellent historical romance with no real plot to speak of, but wonderful characters (#2)

D. Riding go-carts and playing mini-golf (#8)

E. Evidently, a nice mountain in Acadia; wouldn't know, since it was completely obscured by fog (#3)

F. Cute contemporary romance with extended make-over for heroine, including a shirt with a "parrot" on it (ugh!) (#4)

G. It's a bad idea to eat Doritos before getting seasickness (#5)

H. My sis got married unexpectedly, on my anniversary! Yay! (#9)

I. Embarrassingly-titled erotica I hid on my Kindle (#10)

J. "Does this place have wi fi?" (#6)

So, I'm back from vacation. I read 3 books (mini reviews to come later). Some things didn't work out so well (dead fish, seasickness, rain and fog at Acadia), and some things were wonderful (hanging out with the family).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!