Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sexy Cajun, Mackenzie Ragin', and Spanky Pagin': Three Super Quickie Reviews

The Red Hot Cajun by Sandra Hill

Genre: Contemporary Romance

The bad: The ending was a bit too fast, story slightly overstuffed.

The good: Sexy, delicious hero, hilarious Cajun family, loved the awesome romantic ending and epilogue. Made me feel like I was in the steamy bayou!

Grade: A-

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

Genre: Historical Romance

The bad: No real plot, just ridiculous storyline involving a love letter from the queen.

The good: Fabulous characters, especially Cam, another kick-ass Mackenzie brother; a sexy and emotional story. Jennifer Ashley excels at not only creating wonderful heroes, but also strong, interesting heroines. I love that! Bravo!

Grade: A-

Operation: Spank Me by Christina James

Genre: Erotic Romance

The bad: Way too much sex! Book could have been easily 50% shorter. Terms like "drenched p*ssy" used repeatedly.

The good: Surprisingly engaging story. Loved the Vermonty stuff, loved the roses, the story was compelling and sweet. A nice happy ending, although a bit rushed.

Grade: B

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