Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"You're Like The Sweetest Candy, Baby"

Every once in a while, someone in my household (usually my husband or son) will ask me this asinine question.....

"Why don't you get rid of the books in the basement?"

Ha! Never! I respond. One of the greatest parts of having a romantic fiction addiction is "The Re-Read." Yep. I go through crazy jags re-reading all of the Cynster books by Stephanie Laurens. All of the Dark series by Christine Feehan. All of Julie Garwood's historicals. All of Amanda Quick's historicals. Re-reading romance novels is emotionally satisfying. Returning to a book that you know makes you happy, fulfilled, inspired.

The "Re-Read" caters to my emotional state at the moment. Do I need a good laugh? I'll read an Amanda Quick. Do I need lush historical romance? I'll read Stephanie Laurens. Do I need an incredibly cheesy, over-the-top, alpha male-dominated contemporary that equates anal sex with true love and is peppered with lines like "You taste like the sweetest candy, baby"??

Well, then, I'll re-read Wild Card by Lora Leigh!

I know. I should be ashamed. This book is totally ridiculous. But for some God-awful reason, it is one of my favorite re-reads. The hero is a horny Neanderthal, the dialogue is the cheesiest stuff around, and the whole premise that bum lovin' is the ultimate form of intimacy (which is a theme oft repeated in Lora Leigh books) is just utterly, ridiculously insane.

And yet, I love re-reading this book.

What does that say about me? Welllllll......I think the reason this book is so appealing is that I love alpha males. And Noah, the military horndog hero, is alpha with a capital "A".....(for "ass"??...hee hee...just kidding about that).

So, go ahead and laugh at me. I can take it. I love re-reading this cheesy cheesefest, and I am not ashamed.

Much. :^)

Happy Reading,