Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Updates: Vampire Slayres, Bumblebees And Amish Lovin'

I am still riding a romance high after finishing Jane Eyre over the weekend. Sigh. Oh, Rocky McRochester, how I love yinz!

I had a very nice Mother's Day husband and kids surprised me Saturday night with 3 bouquets of flowers, a mini chocolate cake, and a sushi dinner. Sunday morning my 8 year old daughter made me breakfast in bed...all by herself. She brought me peanut butter toast, a cup of coffee with cream (just the way I like it!) and a vase of flowers. So cute!

Here's what's next on my reading horizon.....

Also, this date with the hubs to see Thor! It's Hammer Time, Baby! :^)

Happy Monday,


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day! Your kids are sweet! Yum, chocolate cake!
I was alone working. The youngest and hubby went off to the city for four days for a conference and two ball games.
Glad you enjoyed Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte could so kick Jane Austen's overly verbose proper butt.
But - you should have read Austen too! Who knows? You might become a huge fan!
Big reading list, girl. Have fun!

Penny Watson said...

Did you have fun being alone? Sometimes peace and quiet is my all-time favorite holiday gift! :^) Can't wait to read Austen, too and see what all the fuss is about. I'll let you know my verdict!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Austen has legions of passionate fans. Wish I could understand the fuss, but I just don't. The movie, btw, is not the same as the book. It translated into a much more romantic, passionate story as a movie. Pride and Prejudice, I mean.

Penny Watson said...

Well, I sure hope the movie was romantic...what's the point, otherwise? I am assuming the long-winded narrative of Jane Eyre is chopped down a bit in the film versions of that particular, Rocky McRochester's 20-page monologues. He is hilarious!