Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Weekend From Penelope (and Troy and Gabriella)!

from right now
gonna use our voices and scream out loud
Take my hand;
together we
will celebrate!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Happy weekend, Penny! I can't believe my hubby is listening to Justin Bieber as we speak. Gaaaa!

Penny Watson said...

Happy Weekend, Julia! Sometimes the dorkiest music is the stuff that makes us happy! :^)

Mary Anne Graham said...

Listening to your fave music and reading is a good way to wile away some of the (too short) long-weekend hours.

I hope everyone downloads some good tunes & picks up a bunch of great books and enjoys them over this weekend. Support your favorite singers or groups & your favorite authors!

And Happy Memorial Day. Let's not forget to spend some of our free time this weekend remembering all of the heroes whose sacrifices paid the price for our freedom!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Mary Anne...thanks for stopping by. I have been watching videos about vets coming home to see their families, and bawling like a baby.

Have a great weekend!