Saturday, April 16, 2011

Loincloths For Everyone!

I love quirky stuff, and Island Heat by Jill Myles certainly fits the bill! This was my first time reading this author, and it won't be the last. She packed a plane wreck, T Rex, posse of marauding cavemen, the Bermuda triangle, a time warp, beautiful tropical island, hot conquistador in a loincloth, lots of romance, and even a sweet HEA into one funky story. (Honestly, she had me at loincloth). The hero of this book, Salvador, is delicious. He's a Spanish Tarzan-y conquistador who keeps popping up to save the damsel in distress, or woo her with a nest filled with tropical flowers (swoon time). The fact that he is a gorgeous specimen of masculinity wearing only a loincloth is just the icing on the deserted island cake. The heroine is okay....I like my heroines a bit spunkier, especially if they are warding off ferocious dinosaurs and stuff. Anyhoo, this was a fun, entertaining read.

Grade: B+

Even though I had my Kindle already fully loaded for vacation, due to my impulse buying problem, I now have a few extras. I added Wicked Games by Jill Myles (thanks to KC at Smokinhotbooks for that recommendation) and Cinderella Unmasked by Bonnie Dee. I love new takes on fairy tales!

Off to get ready for my trip. Laundry! Packing! Purchasing new sandals for my son whose feet are as big as Shaquille O'Neal!