Friday, April 22, 2011

Birdy Love

One of my favorite things about being in Florida is watching the ospreys. There are so many nests here, it is unbelievable. I love it! Every morning when I walk, I pass a nest where Mama Osprey is watching over her chicks. Papa Osprey is off "hunting" for breakfast. Mama calls to him, a sharp keening cry. He responds. If his claws are empty, Mama talks back. I imagine the conversation goes something like this...

"Harry! The kids are starving! Get with the program, bud. Where is breakfast?"
"Sorry, Bertha. Fish aren't too plentiful this morning. I'll get right on it."
"Get going!"
"Squawk, squawk, squawk!"
"Do you hear the children? They're about to revolt!"

Then, Papa Osprey flies off to find some more fish for his family. I love how these birds communicate, look out for each other, take care of each other. It's the ultimate romance. They usually mate for life.

Yesterday, my son and hubby went paddle boarding. They really enjoyed it. But my son did have a slight freak-out. As he was paddling along, he went over what he thought was a "large rock." Until it started to move. It was actually a huge manatee! My son screamed "Oh My God!" and paddled faster than Superman to give the marine mammal some space. 

Today is fishing day for my kids and hubby. Can't wait to see what they caught! I just finished reading This Side Of The Grave, another terrific addition to the Night Huntress series, and I am now embarking on my next book, The Bride and The Buccaneer by Darlene Marshall.