Monday, March 29, 2010

Time To Jump On The Nora Bandwagon?

Quick Wrap Up of NEC Conference....

1) MaryJanice Davidson is hilarious.

2) Drinking tap water with orange slices is not as much fun as an appletini.

3) Attending workshops is a double edge sword. I get helpful hints. I become convinced my WIP is the biggest piece o' shite in the world, and if I don't start doing character interviews, I will end up making french fries at McDonald's.

4) I cry a lot. I have not made it through one speaker without crying. (Note to self: get water proof mascara).

5) I am finally ready to jump on the Nora Roberts bandwagon. Several Quirky Ladies convinced me to read the Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy. For some reason, I am totally in the mood for some hot Irish dudes this week.

6) The best part of the weekend? When I got home, both of my kids screamed "Mom!" and ran enthusiastically into my arms for a hug. My husband looked frazzled. My dog wagged her tail. And now, I'm ready to write....

Pumped for productive pandemonium,