Thursday, February 25, 2010

Review of Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan

Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan

This book is delicious.

It is the equivalent of a multi course meal at a fine dining establishment. I'm thinking, luscious creamy bowl of soup as an appetizer, filet mignon and baby vegetables for entree, and lemon tart with fresh berries for dessert. Don't forget an incredible bottle of red wine.

It is decadent, satisfying, surprising, lush and beautiful.

I put off reading this book because the blurb did not sound appealing to me. The whole Madame Esmerelda thing threw me for a loop. I simply had no idea how incredible this story was going to be, or I would have been the first one in line waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner.

There is one simple reason why this novel is so wonderful, and it's the characters. Courtney Milan has painstakingly painted the portraits of these characters in lovely, life-affirming the point that we see every brush stroke, layer upon layer, until the stunning final product. Gareth is my kind of hero....cold, calculating, arrogant, scientific. Jenny is determined, vulnerable, world-wise, and generous with her heart and love. This heroine, who has nothing compared to the opulence of the noble Carharts, opens her heart to Gareth's entire family, and ultimately gives all of them gifts beyond measure. Milan is a gorgeous writer...her prose is smooth and lush, heady and addictive. It is not a fast paced, action packed thriller. It is a love story, filled with stark realizations and emotionally charged love scenes. The end is utterly satisfying, including a totally unexpected gesture by the hero, involving an.....elephant! (Hard to believe this is so romantic, but it is. I laughed out loud at the absurdity and beauty of this moment!)

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is truly seductive.
Grade: A

Read it! Love it! Be Seduced!


Tales of Whimsy said...

FAB review :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Those are like the best first lines of a review evah!! Yum. This sounds great.

Penny Watson said...

Hey Juju! Thanks so much. This book is fantabulous!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Carolyn. You would love this book. Seriously. She is an incredible writer. In fact, I had some writer's jealousy issues while reading it. (And I'm not ashamed to admit it).

Scorpio M. said...

Wow, Penelope...I think you & I have similar reading tastes. I'm sold! I noticed this book making the blog rounds a few months ago and the fortune teller think gave me pause as well.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Scorpio! You should totally give it a try. It is a really wonderful book.

Janna said...

Great review! I'm sold, sounds wonderful :)

Heidenkind said...

That review made me extremely hungry. I must go snack now.