Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pressing Question of the Day: Who Has The Most Romantic Beard (MRB)?

Okay, it's time for the poll you have all been waiting for with baited breath...(drum roll, please): the Most Romantic Beard Contest! Woo hoo!

Penelope has assembled a nice assortment of scruffy guys for my (oops! I mean your) viewing pleasure. Take your time and carefully peruse the following photos, then let me know who is your favorite bearded valentine. I know, I's hard to choose just one. I will announce the results of the poll and pick one random winner from the comments today. Prize is an Amazon gift card.


George Clooney: Salt-n-peppa happiness with just a hint of naughty.

Brad Pitt: Pre-Jeremiah monstrosity, this beard is nicely groomed and looks oh, so soft! Weee!

Hugh Jackman: Perfect combination....wild, wet water and Hugh's masculine scruff.

Eric Bana: Yowzah! Sooooo cute!

Matthew McConaughey: Dude, that is one southern-fried sexy bit of business.

Ralph Fiennes: So serious and scruffilicious!

Those are some fine specimens of harry manliness! Please leave a comment with your #1 choice!