Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Announcements!

First up....Wolfgang Klaus was called out of town for a business-related emergency. So, unfortunately, he will not be able to join us this morning for the Klaus Brothers Invasion. He is extremely apologetic. (That's his photo at the top of the post. The Klaus boys seem to have some trouble keeping their shirts on. Hmm.) Wolfie will be joining us next Monday (Dec. 23) with his brother Nicholas for the final day of the Invasion, and TWO winners will be chosen. Penelope will be giving away another Amazon gift card, as well as a sweet holiday treat from Nicholas. Special congrats to Natascha who won last week's gift card from Sven.

My other announcement is very short rant about contemporaries. Why the hell do the authors of contemporary romances have to include every damned detail of their characters' lives? I don't care if Muffy ate a ham and cheese sammie for lunch. And I really don't care about Gigi's list of errands she has to run during the day. Do I need 14 paragraphs describing how Sandy juggles her laundry list of to-do items, including, well...laundry. Christ on a Crutch. I have my own freaking laundry list of to-do items each day, including laundry!, and I'm not reading a romance novel to remind me of all the crap I'm procrastinating about. Sheesh. Major, major pet peeve and one of the reasons I am reluctant to read contemporaries. Leave out the extraneous info, please!

Final quick note: I did read a contemporary last week I LOVED, Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr. My only beef about this book is that it didn't focus enough on just Preacher and Paige, but I still loved it, and Preacher is one of my new favorite heroes of 2009! Review to follow (after I finish the freaking laundry!)