Monday, November 2, 2009

Klaus Brother's Invasion Week 2: Gregor Klaus

Welcome to Week 2 of the Klaus Brother's Invasion. For five consecutive Mondays the Klaus brothers (Nicholas, Sven, Wolfgang, Gregor and Oskar) from Penny Watson's debut novel Sweet Inspiration, will be entertaining us at Penelope's. Today we have Gregor Klaus visiting with guru of Klaus Enterprises, snappy dresser extraordinaire, and most likely president of his high school math club. Gregor lives in Manhattan, and jets back and forth (via sleigh, of course) to the North Pole. Please leave a question or comment for Gregor, because one lucky commenter will be winning an Amazon gift card. Congrats to Jessica who won last week's prize!

Pen: Welcome, Gregor. Thanks so much for hanging with us today. How are things going?

Gregor: Hi Pen. Thanks for inviting me. I'm feeling pretty good today. The economy seems to be on an upswing right now, so it's all good.

Pen: Hmm. That smells delicious. Are you drinking coffee?

Gregor: (lifts left eyebrow) Actually, I'm drinking 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Nicely balanced, fruity, high acidity. It's an excellent bean.

Pen: (silence)

Gregor: What?

Pen: I guess you don't go to Dunk-ee Donuts or Starbucks, do you? Actually, my new favorite coffee is pumpkin spice latte. Very festive for the holiday season.

Greg: (silence)

Pen: What?

Gregor: I don't drink flavored coffee. 

Pen: (rolls eyes) I need to add something to your bio.

Greg: Yeah. What's that?

Pen: Coffee Snob.

Greg: (laughs) And proud of it. Maybe we'll have a little tasting later and see what you think. I'll bet I can get you hooked on the good stuff, and Dunk-ee Donuts will just be a distant, ill-tasting memory.

Pen: You can try, bubs. So, why don't we talk about your job a little bit. How tough is it overseeing the finances of Klaus Enterprises? You guys certainly have a big organization.

Gregor: It is very complex. Klaus Enterprises is not just about toys, as one might imagine. We also produce holiday baked goods and candies, winter clothing, household items, etc. And our toy production includes educational materials for children. My brother Wolfie is also in charge of our charitable division, and we funnel a lot of money into that, not just at the holidays, but year-long. So yeah, my job is pretty intense. But I love it.

Pen: What do you do for down-time? Any hobbies?

Greg: Sleep is always good.

Pen: Geez, Gregor, you sound like a work-aholic. You must do something for fun.

Gregor: I do love to travel, but I haven't been able to fit in any leisure trips lately with the market fluctuations over the past year. I must admit that traveling to tropical destinations is a welcome change from the arctic temperatures in Glasdorf.

Oskar: Hey Pen. Gregor must have forgotten how much he enjoys Vegas.

Sven: Vegas isn't tropical.

O: It is when you're getting a lap dance. (O and Sven bump fists)

Gregor: Jesus, O, do you have to keep reminding me about that trip? I am trying valiantly to forget it. I am still feeling the effects of that hang-over from hell.

Pen: Hard to imagine Gregor with a hang-over. You're so buttoned up in your nice suit.

Greg: Thanks, Penny.  I'm wearing a 2-button wool suit by Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci shirt, and the tie is Giorgio Armani. 

O: And my ensemble is tattered T-shirt from the Oskar Klaus Collection.

Sven: I prefer Birkenstocks, circa 2002. (laughter in background)

Gregor: (does not look amused) An appreciation for well-tailored clothes obviously skipped several of the brothers in my family.

Pen: Well, I personally love your tailored look. You fill out that suit nicely. And the goatee...Yowzah. Looking fine, Gregor.

Gregor: (blushing) Uh, thanks.

Sven: Hey Pen, did Gregor tell you about his cool glass hobby? He is an amazing designer. Works with this crazy-ass elf Ewald. They create stained glass windows for all of the cottages in Glasdorf.

Pen: Gregor, is that true? You holding out on me?

Gregor: (shrugs) It's not that big a deal. Designing with glass is a nice way to unwind. Ewald is a Bleiglasfenster Master (master of stained glass). His designs are extra special because of the elfin magik. The designs are not static; they are constantly shifting and changing. Very cool.

Pen: Woa! I would love to see that. When's my trip to Glasdorf? Hint, hint....

Gregor: You're so subtle, Penny. Have to get permission from the Council of Seven before any Suddies are allowed to visit. You know that.

Oskar: Good luck with that, Pen. The council can get a little bit....

Sven: Grouchy.

Gregor: Irritable.

Oskar: Judgmental. Pissed off. Irate. Veins popping out of their foreheads, spittle flying....

Pen: Sorry, O, didn't mean to conjure up any bad memories.

O: (grimaces) I'll just think happy thoughts. Lap dances. Vegas show-girls named Lola. (smiles)

Pen: For the love of God, Oskar. Gregor, did you really go with these hooligans to Vegas?

Gregor: (laughs) I did. It was a blast. Don't think I could handle that much partying all the time, but every once in a while it's nice to hang out with my brothers. And Lola. (winks at Pen)

Pen: (blushing) Are you flirting with me? I'm married you know.

Gregor: I know. Look, it's been fun but I have a morning meeting at the bank. 

Oskar: I gotta run too. I have to finalize my trip to Mammoth. I heard a nice snow storm is brewing.

Sven: Later, Pen. I have a quota to fill today for wooden train sets. Don't want any kids to be disappointed this Christmas.

Pen: Okay, guys, see you later. Gregor, don't forget to check in and chat with my visitors. I know the ladies will have a lot of questions for you. 

Gregor: Don't worry. I'll be returning, and bringing bags of high-end coffee beans with me. I'll have you off the pumpkin spice lattes by the end of the day.

Pen: Don't bet on it!

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment for Gregor, and you might win a gift card from Amazon (an early holiday treat!). Also, please feel free to make fun of Gregor for being a coffee snob. He can take it! 


Michelle Picard said...

Hey Gregor,
Thanks so much for stopping by. I LOVE Goatees. And, um, I'm more than willing to be a coffee convert. Don't let your brothers get to you. What happens in Vegas... You know how that goes. Great interview!

Natascha said...

Hi Gregor,
I am also a coffee snob. I work at am upscale Italian caffe and we make some awesome pumpkin spice lattes and chai lattes. Dunkin Dounuts is always a last resort. Starbucks is never an option.
I am very intriqued by your artistic side. What a great way to express yourself and switch gears from your professional life. What do you usually depict in your windows?
Say hi to your brother Oskar for me.

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Hi Gregor, I'd be more than happy to introduce you to the delights of pumpkin lattes, they have to be my favorite as well as Penny's. You know, they're kind of spicy and have whipped cream on them and they smell great and well... there's a lot you can do with whipped cream, um, if you get my drift... Nice pants, btw.

Penny Watson said...

Michelle...Thanks for stopping by. My dad has a goatee, too, but of course his is pure white like his hair. He's a "hip Santa"! No more Vegas stories, I promise.

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Hi Natascha! Your job sounds awesome. Italy is one of my favorite places to visit. I love Italian espresso beans...dark roast, very full bodied and little bittersweet. Magnifico! Although I am still reluctant to try the "girly" drinks.

Pen: Gregor, pumpkin spice lattes are not girly.

Greg: Yes, they are.

Pen: No, they're not! I'm going to get one so you can try it. Ten bucks says you like it.

Greg: Ten magik pebbles says I hate it.

Pen: You're on!

Gregor: Natashca, thanks for asking about my glass designs. Usually I do abstract designs, which I love. Sometimes Ewald wants a landscape or portrait. I'm not quite as good at those, but I'm still learning.

Oskar: Hi Natascha! Smoking hot photo of you...I LOVE blondes!

Gregor: O, this is my interview day. Back off.

O: Okay, I'm going to Starbuck's with Penny. She's insisting I try some crazy latte. Later!

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Hi Julie! Hmmm, your description of the coffee actually sounds sort of intriguing. Especially the whipped cream part. Is it getting hot in here?

Glad you like my suit. Are you into clothes? Because Penny is definitely not into nice clothes. She has been wearing this gray fleece jacket for about a week. Drab, boring housefrau look. I wanted to take her shopping to Newbury St. in Boston, and she laughed so hard she spit out her latte. Oh well.

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

I think I'm gonna like these guys!

Gregor - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, eh?

Penelope, I left you an award here:

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Patti, not when your idiotic youngest brother posts incriminating photos on his facebook page. And tags me. (My mom made him delete the photos!)

Pen: Patti, thanks so much for the shout out on your blog. I like winning an "Honest Scrap" award...sounds cool! (I must admit that I have a problem with cussing in my critique partners gave me a hard time because the elves sounded like a bunch of sailors! Hee hee...gotta work on that problem....)

Gregor: Penny, the elves in the North Pole DO cuss like a bunch of drunken sailors.

Pen: I know, but I still need to censor my book.

Phoebe Jordan said...

Hey Gregor! It's so nice to get to know you a bit better since I only got a little bit of information on you when I read Sweet Inspiration.

Well I'm not all that into clothes except that they should match somewhat and fit comfortably. But I see that you like Italian stylists which is funny since I'm taking my second level Italian class and we learned a bit about how to say about how to say a few clothing names in Italian.

So Gregor my question for you is what drew you to becoming the financial guru of Klaus Enterprises? I mean I have no head for difficult math and such that accounts and such would need to know and want to know how you came to do it for a living.

I also like to know if you are worrying about who Penny has in mind of matching you up with when it comes time for her to write you love story in her Klaus Brothers series.

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Hi Phoebe...thanks for stopping by today. I guess there was never any question that I was going into finance. Since I was a young boy, I always loved math and playing around with the market. There's an investment group in Glasdorf (some elves who like to dabble with the stock market), and I was hanging out with them when I was just a kid. They said I had the golden touch ("goldene Note"). My father was thrilled with my talent because he is a real philanthropist.

I'm so busy I haven't even thought about my love life, to be honest. Penny, do you already know who I'll be matched with in the future?

Pen: Uh huh. (hee hee)

Gregor: Any hints?

Pen: Let's just say, the two of you have a lot in common, and your Klaus tendency for competitiveness will rear its ugly head.

Gregor: Hmm. That sounds sort of intriguing.

Pen: Here, try a sip of this pumpkin spice latte while you're comtemplating the future! Phoebe, I took Italian in college, too! Have you read Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase? One of my favorite things about that book is when Dain speaks to Jessica in Italian! Soooo romantic! Whew!

Mandi said...

Hello Gregor - how much fun is it going to be to get you out of that suit! Oh yes.

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: (blushing) Geez, is that Mandi from Smexybooks? You girls have incredibly vivid imaginations, you know.

Pen: Yes, we do. That's what happens after reading thousands of romance novels. Hi Mandi! Gregor is too embarrassed to tell you, but he is built, and has the Klaus family tattoo on his bulging bicep. I can think of a lot of fun stuff to do with that Giorgio Armani tie!

donnas said...

Great interview. Very interesting, I would love to read more.

While I dont drink coffee myself I do know quite a few coffee snobs, I have found it to be a pretty common trait.

Tales of Whimsy said...

These are such fun!

Dear Gregor: There's nothing wrong with being a coffee snob :)

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Hi Donnas. Hi Juju. Glad you liked the interview. I am hesitant to admit this, but I drank a bit of Penelope's pumpkin spice latte, and it wasn't horrible.

Pen: He liked it!

Gregor: I never said that.

Pen: You smiled and said "Yum" under your breath. I heard you!

Gregor: I still prefer espresso. Let's try this Tanzanian Peaberry bean and see what you think, Pen....

(to be continued)....

Annette Blair said...

Hi Gregor, I just wondered if you like pastry as much as your brother, Nick, does? Yum. ;)

Victoria Morgan said...

Gregor, mmh, I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I do share your love of relaxing through art. I'd love to see your stained glass windows. Penelope will have to post some pictures.... What a fascinating hobby. My old neighbor did some incredible stained glass work for her house in Maine. Do you just do the windows for the cottages in Glasdorf or do you sell some of your stuff? Great suit and fun interview. Looking forward to your story!

Dalton Diaz said...

LOL! I can't claim to be a coffee snob, but I have to say, my name is Dalton Diaz, I live in New England, and I HATE Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I'd rather drink it than instant, but that's as far as it goes.

Oh, and inquiring minds want to know... what's your preference in underwear? I'm picturing black designer boxer briefs. Care to elaborate?

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Hi Annette. So glad you stopped by. I am VERY lucky to have an incredible pastry chef like Nicholas for a brother. He caters my parties, he cooks for every holiday. I can't even describe how amazing our Christmas dinner is. Unfortunately, my culinary skills are limited to making coffee. My favorite treats are Nicholas' shortbread cookies. Rich and buttery, and go great with a cup of coffee! :)

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Hi Victoria. Penny tells me you're an artist...wish you could see my glass designs, but they're all up in the North Pole. I'm not sure when my story is coming out...probably 2011! Dalton, please tell me you don't drink instant coffee. That stuff should be outlawed. As for the other question, Brooks Brothers boxer shorts.

Phoebe Jordan said...

So Gregor are you scared about finding love and getting married as much as Oskar is? Or are you looking forward to finding your love, soul mate and the woman who will be your wife? I'm very looking forward to hearing more about Gregor's life mate so please Penny give us a little!

Penny Watson said...

Gregor: Hi Phoebe! Honestly, I haven't had time to contemplate having a real relationship. It's hard to imagine. I just hope Penny pairs me with someone I'm compatible with, who understands the stresses of my job. And of course, someone who is okay with me being the son of Santa Claus. That could be a deal-breaker.

Pen: Hi Phoebe! Don't worry about Gregor. His future mate will be just what he needs. Someone who understands him, and someone who can break him out of his fuddy-duddiness.

Gregor: I am not fuddy-duddy.

Pen: Uh-huh. Sure, Mr. Tanzanian Peaberry Superior Coffee Beans. (By the way, I really like this coffee! It's delicious!)

Gregor: (smirks) I knew I could coax you over from the Dark Side.

Penny Watson said...

Penelope: Congrats to're the winner for this week's Amazon gift card! Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you next Monday for Sven's visit, too.

Gregor: Congrats, Patti. Hope you are enjoying some high quality coffee this morning. (WInk).