Thursday, November 5, 2009

Awards, Honesty and Mindless Botanical Knowledge

Thanks to Patti at Book Addict for this award. I am supposed to pick 7 blogs to pass this along to, and then list 10 honest things about myself. Well, the blogs I would have picked have already won the award, and I feel sort of uncomfortable only picking 7. I read a lot of blogs, and a nice chunk of them can be seen in my sidebar. So please take a look. In addition to some really fun romance blogs (some are serious, some are irreverent, some are silly, and some are informational....and oh yeah, some are crude, rude and make me laugh!), I also have some writer's blogs, and some non-romance blogs, such as The Long and Short Of It All (a great dachshund site) and Please Pack Your Knives And Go (a Top Chef site which is hilarious). I will now attempt to write 10 honest things about myself.

1. I have been known to huddle inside the bathroom with a romance novel to avoid my children. 
2. I met my husband in organic chemistry lab (he was the lab intern).  I got a D- in organic chemistry. My husband won the organic chemistry award at graduation. I guess opposites attract.
3. Sometimes I skip meals and instead drink a gingerbread latte from Starbucks. Same number of calories.
4. My daughter and I like to play Britney Spears' videos and dance around my office.
5. I don't write because I have to, because it is my destiny, or because I have people talking in my head. I write because it's fun.
6. My dream is to live in a shack in Vermont.
7. I have a wee, little obsession with beards. (Picture Hugh Jackman as Wolverine). Get it?
8. I adore dachshunds, and when I see strangers on the street walking their wiener dogs I squeal with happiness.
9. I have a master's degree in plant taxonomy, and I pretty much know the Latin names for every freaking plant I see. Which is pretty much taking up a lot of brain cells for no apparent reason.
10. I haven't read a non-romance book in at least 5 years. Which drives my husband nuts. But it makes me very happy! :)

I am hoping to finish To Desire A Devil today. I read the second half first, and the first half second, and now I'm reading the whole damned thing. What a muddle. At least the swine flu epidemic has temporarily vacated my household. Sheesh! I'm pretty damned close to sending my kids to school in astronaut gear. Maybe that would help.