Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review of Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan

Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan

Wow. Wow. Wow.

In a million gazillion years, I could have never guessed that Christine Feehan would completely, irrevocably, inexplicably, undeniably redeem herself with this beautiful love story. I am in complete shock. This book was wonderful, and....sweet! And, the hero was....a beta male, not an alpha male!!!!! A freakin' Carpathian beta male hero....will wonders never cease??? This is completely unlike any other book in the Dark series, and in my not so humble opinion, one of the best. I LOVE Razvan, the gentle Carpathian hero. I LOVE Ivory, the kick-ass survivor heroine. Their love story is truly beautiful. Feehan has not lost the magic, but she sure as hell is taking a convoluted path with her other violent books. (See my rant against violence in romance novels).

Finally, the mystery surrounding the constant miscarriages in the Carpathian race is answered. Finally, a solution has been found. And I LOVE the mother earth angle! Feehan outdoes herself in several regards with this book. One is the gorgeous description of the gem is breathtakingly beautiful. Another is the tension-filled battles, which are at once gory, horrifying, and invigorating. I also love the relationship between Ivory, Razvan, and the Carpathian wolves (that's right! Carpathian wolves!!!! Feehan's creativity knows no bounds!- what a totally cool concept!). I always like the books where she brings back old characters we have grown to love, and the magnificent scene where Savannah's twins must be saved rocks the house. Syndil, Shea, Natalya, and Skyler are fabulous here. Girl power! ;)

My only criticism (which is more like a unfulfilled wish) is that I wanted Skyler to have a bigger role in this book. She is my favorite character of this whole series, and I can't wait for her and Dimitri's story. 

Well, Holy Guacamole, Christine Feehan just hit one right out of the damned park. I hope and pray this is a kinder, gentler approach to her novels, and that the trend will continue. This book is really wonderful, and I think that Feehan fans everywhere will be overjoyed to read it.
Grade: A