Thursday, September 24, 2009


I love, love, love Fall! Carving the pumpkins, picking the apples, watching my daughter dress up like goth-vampira girl and inhaling enough candy to induce a coma. It's all good. One of the cool things about the smaller e-pubs/presses is that they have the flexibility to publish holiday-themed, shorter stories. Just the kind of thing I love! How cute does this book look? It's Pumpkinnapper by Linda Banche, and the release date is 9-30-09. The blurb looks adorable...

Pumpkin thieves, a youthful love rekindled, and a jealous goose. Oh my! Last night someone tried to steal the widowed Mrs. Emily Metcalfe's pumpkins. She's certain the culprit is her old childhood nemesis and the secret love of her youth, whom she hasn't seen in ten years. 

Henry, Baron Grey has never forgotten the girl he loved, but couldn't pursue, and so decides to catch Emily's would-be-thief. Even after she reveals his childhood nickname--the one he would rather forget. And even after her jealous pet goose bites him in an embarrassing place. Oh, the things a man will do for love.

This is so right up my alley. Humor, pumpkins and romance! Better than pumpkin pie, baby! Can't wait to read it. In the meantime, the UPS guy should be arriving with Touch Me by Jacquie D'Alessandro, The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide (I'm finally going to read the story about Zsadist and his baby! Weeee!), and Eternal Seduction. And, as a special treat I'm going to the farmer's market today to get pumpkins, fall mums, and maybe some candy corn!
Embracing Autumn With All Of My Heart,


Linda Banche said...

Thank you so much for spotlighting my book! I really appreciate it.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Linda! I just finished reading it! So cute! I didn't realize it was a "sweet" sensuality rating...I'm used to "spicy"! But I love your voice, your character development, your writing is really wonderful. I also love the Halloween theme of the story. Have you thought about expanding this story into a full-length novel? I would love to see more about the pumpkin seed botanical experiment (I have a background in botany!) Your hero is great, and I LOVE the humor in your story. What a sweet, fun Halloween read. Thanks!

Linda Banche said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

You know, I never thought about expanding "Pumpkinnapper". It's something to consider.

Actually, "Pumpkinnapper" is the sequel for another Halloween story that's still in the outline stage. The first one is the story of John and Charlotte, the Earl and Countess of Lindsell. I was going to write that one, when the I got the idea for "Pumpkinnapper".

So many ideas, so little time! **grins**