Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Quickie Update

First of all, I just finished the novella "My Lady Below Stairs" by Emily Bryan in the Christmas anthology A Christmas Ball, which will be released September 29. Oh my God!!! Adorable, fun, sexy, sweet...everything a Christmas story should be (and I guess I'm sort of the expert on that!). I did not have a chance to read the other stories yet, but I'll get to them soon. Review coming soon! 

Also just finished Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost. Frost continues to astound me with this series. I have a couple of teensy, weensy irritations that are cropping up, but overall this book is totally killer and I can't wait for the next one (and for First Drop of Crimson, the spin-off novel about Cat's best friend Denise). Review coming soon. 

Finally, I read the excerpt for Joey Hill's December release A Mermaid's Ransom, which is the story of Alexis, the daughter of Jonah and Anna from A Mermaid's Kiss (which I adored, see my review). Oh boy, I am psyched for this book!!!!!! This excerpt is fantastico, and I cannot wait to read the rest of this one. (Drumming my fingers on table...waiting...still waiting....ugh!) This is gonna be tough. After a lot of disappointments lately, I know that Joey Hill will not let me down!

Hope everyone is having a happy, healthy reading week!
Happy Labor Day To All,