Saturday, August 1, 2009

Review of Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Oh My God! Thanks to Mandi at Smexy Books I decided to check out the Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost. I just read the first installment, Halfway to the Grave. This is a paranormal romance series about vampires, and Holy Mother! I am in love!!!!! I am in love with this author, I am in love with Bones the vampire, and I am totally digging the snarky first person heroine of this story, Cat, even though I sometimes have difficulty with snarky first person heroines. But not this time. This time it works like a charm.

I sucked this book down like a pint of blood. Okay, so here's why I think Jeaniene Frost is amazing...first of all, her name is cool. Second, the pacing of this book is fierce...could not put it down. Third, the love story totally works. You feel for Cat who is struggling with her identity (she is half-vampire) and her attraction to Bones, a full vampire who has coerced her into helping him snag baddie vamps. You also are rooting for Bones, who is obviously falling in love with Cat, but understands where her trepidation is coming from. Fourth, Frost's paranormal world has some new twists that make it interesting, especially after reading 10,000 vampire books (these vamps can walk in sunlight, for example). Fifth, all of the characters in this book are fascinating, the good, the bad, the undead moonshine-loving ghouls. Sixth, the final climatic scene in which Bones rescues Cat from the FBI guys rocks out! Explosions! Shattering glass! Bones walking down the middle of the highway like an avenging angel! Oh yeah!

Other bonuses: The blood and guts stuff was not overly disturbing (you know me, weak stomach, etc. etc.). Also, the cover is very sexy (as are the other covers for this series). Nice. And the mix of ass-kicking, conflict/plot and sexual tension is perfectly balanced. I am seriously impressed with this author. She has got it going on.

My only beef (pun intended) was that I wish there had been more sex scenes, because Bones and Cat together are combustible-hot! 

Bones is freaking fantastic...he just jumped to the number one spot for best hero of 2009....his sarcastic, sexy, English vampire is completely addictive. Of course, I am about to order the whole rest of this series from Amazon and devour it like a blood-sucking fiend. For any of you paranormal romance fans, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is superb!
Grade: A+
Wishing I Lived in the Amazon Warehouse,