Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mango Martinis and Romance Novels....A Great Combination!

I just made myself a delicious martini, compliments of Gauchos Churrascaria Brazilian Steak House on Commercial Street in Portland, Maine. (I loved this martini so much that I emailed the restaurant and Luz Nieves responded with this kick-ass recipe). By the way, if you live anywhere near the Portland, Maine area, I totally recommend this's a blast! Waiters wander around with huge slabs of meat on a spit and big scary knives, and then proceed to fill up your plate with melt-in-your-mouth beef (and other proteins)--vegetarians might want to avoid this place!!!!  Here's the recipe....

Mango Martini from Gauchos
2 oz. mango nectar
1 oz. mango rum
splash of cranberry
Drink it nice and frosty cold, and serve with a romance novel (or two). I am about to enjoy mine with an old favorite, No True Gentleman by Liz Carlyle. I have a feeling that when The Quirky Ladies taste this baby, it's going to be the signature drink for our writer's group. Very tasty!
Here's to a happy cocktail hour!