Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review of At Last Comes Love by Mary Balogh

At Last Comes Love by Mary Balogh
The first book of the new Huxtable series by Balogh was sweet (First Comes Marriage).  The second one (Then Comes Seduction) was a snoozer.  The third one, At Last Comes Love, really rocked my boat. Why? The characters. It's all about the characters.  The premise of this book is wickedly delicious...Duncan Pennethorne must marry within fifteen days, before his grandfather's 80th birthday, or lose his family home and income.  Margaret Huxtable is desperate for a quickie fiancee to fling in her ex-lover's face.  These two run (literally) into each other at Lady Tindell's ball.  Duncan asks the beautiful stranger in his arms..."What is your hurry? Why not stay and dance with me? And then marry me and live happily ever after with me?"  Margaret responds, "Does it have to be in that order?"  Oh, what a perfectly fabulous hook!! Long live Mary Balogh!! Duncan is an absolute blacksheep of the ton who, according to the gossip mill, left his last bride at the altar and took off with her married sister.  The dark secrets he hides about the truth of this scenario slowly unfold, and we (and of course Margaret) realize he is actually a man of honor.  Margaret seems to be an over-the-hill spinster who spent her marriageable years taking care of her younger siblings.  She turns out to have an iron will and a repressed sensuality that her new husband nurtures.  The scene where she meets Duncan's grandfather is priceless! Margaret parries with the crotchety old coot and ends up victorious.  She's not such a dull miss after all.  This delightful story is Balogh all the way...the awakening sensuality of a new bride, the shocking secret lives of the ton, the blossoming courtship between two lonely souls.  Stephen's story, Seducing An Angel, is next, and I can't wait.  At Last Comes Love is...simply delightful! Grade: A
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