Monday, February 2, 2009

Review for Dark Curse by Christine Feehan

Dark Curse by Christine Feehan
Christine Feehan has developed a winning recipe for her dark paranormal romance series. Take one sexy alpha-male Carpathian vampire, add a gorgeous female with an iron will, throw in an intriguing history of the Carpathian people (including a language that appears to roll off the tongue), and finish with heart-stopping vampire battles and incredibly steamy sex scenes. Feehan's baked herself a winning series that continues to fascinate her fans and keeps them clamoring for more.  Dark Curse is the 16th entry of the Dark Series, and I was spell bound by this installment. Lara Calladine is from the Dragonseeker line, and Nicolas De La Cruz is one of the domineering, arrogant and irresistible Carpathians.  This book has a couple of things that veer off her regular path which make it extraordinary, in my oh so humble opinion.  First of all, I love the council meeting with the warrior's such a treat to see all of these characters we have grown to love together in one scene.  I also adored the council meeting with their female counterparts, especially Shea struggling to uncover the medical mystery surrounding the deaths of their infants.  I'm digging how Feehan is portraying the females as powerful members of this race with their own special talents and abilities.  I cannot wait for Dark Slayer, which will be out in hardcover in September 2009. Check out Feehan's website for more info and to watch her amusing videos.  I hope that Feehan will not make her fans wait too long for the story of Skyler and Dimitri...there's nothing I like better than two tortured souls finding salvation with each other, and this pairing should produce an incredible book in this series. Grade: A
Loving her own life, Penelope