Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Blast from the Past: Review for Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase (1995)
This is the first of my "Blast from the Past" reviews.  I am attempting to focus on the newest releases for my regular posts, but there are some books that are just so amazing I feel compelled to write about them, even if they are a few years old.  Lord of Scoundrels is damned near perfection for a romance novel.  I could re-read this baby a million times over (and I've come close) and each and every time I finish with a sigh of envy.  (Penelope has aspirations to write the Great American Romance Novel, and this book makes me want to quit the game.) Even if you don't like historicals. Even if you don't like romance.  You must read this book.  The characters are outstanding, complex, compelling.  Jessica and Dain are without a doubt my favorite romance pairing of all time.  He is the arrogant Lord Beelzebub, she is his elegant and brilliant nemesis. Their chemistry is incendiary. The plot is utterly engaging (from the first meeting in the antique shop, to the confrontation in the Parisian townhouse, the dramatic shooting by an enraged lover, the rescue of the forgotten bastard son, and the list goes on....).  The writing is exquisite. All of my favorite authors have a "special" voice, and Chase is no exception.  Her writing is one of a kind.  Lord of Scoundrels is funny, touching, sexy, and most of all...oh, so satisfying as Jessica tames the "Beast" and heals his tortured soul.  The scene where Jessica presents Dain with the Russian icon on his birthday, the first birthday gift of his life, is powerful indeed.  In conclusion, I would like to say....thank you Loretta Chase for this little piece of heaven. Truly, there is no grade good enough for this book. Grade: A+ (A for A Little Piece of Heaven)
Your humble host, Penelope


ellequoi said...

Have you read more of this series as well? I found "The Mad Earl's Bride", my start to Chase, to be fascinating. As one delves further into Chase's universe, it becomes clear that the world she writes about is really intricately created. The painter lady with the angry husband gets her own book, but in a different style.

I love romance. A book without it can seem flat. But a romance that suddenly gives you little thrills, or actually gives you things to think about, is automatically going to shoot to the top of my list. This is why Loretta Chase is a favourite of mine.

Penny Watson said...

Yes, Quix, I have read the others in the series. I adore all of her books, I must say. But Lord of Scoundrels is still my favorite. I really think that this book is as close to flawless as it gets for an historical romance novel. Loretta Chase is brilliant!

Anonymous said...
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