Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review for A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair

A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair
Technically speaking, A Veiled Deception is not your typical romance. It's actually a mystery. But if you have enjoyed Blair's Witch Series, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this fun, flirty, adorable story which combines a funky heroine, vintage clothing, and, of course, a little bit of witchiness.  What a delicious combination!  Blair has written her best book yet and I am looking forward to more of these "romantic mysteries" from her.  I am not a big fan of bloody, violent romantic suspense books.  A Veiled Deception is perfect for those of us who like our mystery stories on the "light" side (yes, there is a murder, but no, it's not gruesome or too disturbing).  My favorite part of Blair's writing is her unique voice (also fun, flirty and snappy!) which lends itself perfectly to this genre.  I literally could not put the book down until I finished (midnight of the day that the man of my dreams, I mean the UPS man, delivered the box from Amazon).  I highly recommend A Veiled Deception, and bestow my first grade of 2009 upon this wonderful book. Grade: A+