Monday, October 20, 2014

What Took You So Long?

I've had some readers ask why it took so long to publish book #3 of the Klaus Brothers Series. Mainly, a couple of reasons.

1. I had a heart attack.*

2. I had to wait for my publishing contract to expire so I could self-pub the whole series.**

*I am fine now, but had to curtail my writing quite a bit following that health scare. I'm not allowed to sit in front of the computer for 8-10 straight hours anymore. Sedentary lifestyle = heart problems (at least for me it does). So, now I focus on shorter books, shorter periods of writing, and balancing my work load with exercise and eating avocados. Stuff like that.

**My contract expired last fall, and then I re-released book #2 as a self-pub. Now I'm free to self-publish #3 (SWEET ADVENTURE), #4 (SWEET CINDERELLA), and the final book of the series, #5 (SWEET DESTINY).

I intended for the rest of the series to be novellas (around 20,000 words each). However, when I started writing SWEET ADVENTURE it turned into a 45,000-word "short novel" or "Yeti-ish story" or "not-too-long-not-too-short" Christmas adventure. My favorite saying when I'm writing a new book is "it is what it is" and since I self-publish, I'm free to stick with this approach.

SWEET ADVENTURE is now off to the editor! And it will be published on Amazon, B/N and Kobo in November. Stay tuned for more details.

Here's a picture of Yeti with the new promotional soaps for the series, made by Be Greatful. My daughter used the gingerbread soap yesterday and now she smells like a cookie! Hee hee!

Nicholas Klaus = GINGERBREAD
Sven Klaus = CEDAR
Gregor Klaus = BRANDY
Wolfgang Klaus = PEPPERMINT
Oskar Klaus = EVERGREEN

Happy Monday,