Friday, October 17, 2014


Excerpt from SWEET ADVENTURE, Klaus Brothers Series #3
Coming November 2014

“Fair enough. I’ll lay my cards on the table.” Andi tilted up her chin. “And maybe you will, too.”
            Sven raised a brow so high at that comment she almost laughed out loud.
            “Really? You’re trying to interview me? Now? After the stunt you’ve pulled?”
            She shrugged. “Why not? You said it yourself. We’re stuck here. Might as well spill our guts, right?”
            He gave her a bone-chilling smile that froze her on the spot. “Oh honey, I don’t think you can handle the truth.”
            “Who? Me and Tom Cruise? Sure we can. I’m already expecting the worst. Child labor. Breaking EPA regulations. Money laundering. You have secrets. I expose secrets. And I wasn’t kidding about the ‘pit bull’ nickname either.”
            Sven shook his head and sat down across from her. “Jesus. You are ballsy. You’re one step away from jail time and you’re still giving me crap. Un-frickin’-believable.” He rubbed his beard. “And wrong. Totally. Utterly. Wrong. You are so far off the mark, I don’t even know what to say. Is that why you’ve been so hot-to-trot about getting this story? You think Klaus Enterprises is covering up some sort of criminal activity?”
            And then Sven Klaus did something completely unexpected.
            He laughed.

Also, please enjoy this super low budget, home-made book trailer!