Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Inspiration From Around The Globe

Shen Yun


1. CHINA: Shen Yun, a fabulous show with Chinese music, dance, acrobatics, history....I highly recommend!


2. HOLLYWOOD: The 2014 Oscars, Bette Midler
Proof you're never too old to rock the red carpet!

 She's 69, people! 69! Amazing!

3. GREECE: The Greek's Forced Bride by Michelle Reid

My obsession with Harlequin Presents continues. This book manages to pack in a crazy ex-wife, bitchy sister, horrible parents, asshole ex-fiancee, stolen funds, humiliating newspaper headlines, and even a drink getting flung into the hero's face. So exciting!

Greece: A land of love and alpha tycoons!

4. CANADA: Louise Penny's new Gamache book coming August 2014!

THE LONG WAY HOME....Here's the book blurb!


Louise Penny!

My new WIP...Bet you can't figure out what it's about!

Hint: It might involve haggis!

 Haggis with potato mash

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour around the world and are now inspired for the day!

Ciao, bambini!