Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Inspiration From Around The Globe

Shen Yun


1. CHINA: Shen Yun, a fabulous show with Chinese music, dance, acrobatics, history....I highly recommend!


2. HOLLYWOOD: The 2014 Oscars, Bette Midler
Proof you're never too old to rock the red carpet!

 She's 69, people! 69! Amazing!

3. GREECE: The Greek's Forced Bride by Michelle Reid

My obsession with Harlequin Presents continues. This book manages to pack in a crazy ex-wife, bitchy sister, horrible parents, asshole ex-fiancee, stolen funds, humiliating newspaper headlines, and even a drink getting flung into the hero's face. So exciting!

Greece: A land of love and alpha tycoons!

4. CANADA: Louise Penny's new Gamache book coming August 2014!

THE LONG WAY HOME....Here's the book blurb!


Louise Penny!

My new WIP...Bet you can't figure out what it's about!

Hint: It might involve haggis!

 Haggis with potato mash

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour around the world and are now inspired for the day!

Ciao, bambini!



Julia Barrett said...

Oh not haggis, honey. Ick. You won't like it no matter how it's presented. But Scotland - yay! I thought Bette Midler looked fantastic! Just fantastic. Some pundits panned her dress but it's a great dress and looks amazing on her.

Tales of Whimsy said...

69? Wow. She did look amazing.
But no seriously, how great does her neck and cleavage look for that age? You know what they say, you can fight beauty but the neck usually gives the age away. Not in her though. Awesome dress btw.