Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How 'Bout Them Apples?


Go to Swept Away By Romance for an awesome giveaway that includes APPLES SHOULD BE RED, apple lip balm and soap. I also got two fabulous reviews by Dorsey and Karla. My favorite quote:

"62 is the new bad boy."

Yes, yes it is!

And for an extra added bonus, there is an interview that includes a photo of me from college, some new abbreviations for geriatric love stories, and the word "ballsy."

Have fun.

More kick-ass reviews and quotes for APPLES....

"Hilarious and sweet, a delightfully romantic gem of a story." -- Laura Florand, Bestsellling Author of The Chocolate Series

"Gutsy, funny, and bold, APPLES SHOULD BE RED is a delight." -- Theresa Weir, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

Dear Author: "[APPLES SHOULD BE RED] puts the comic back into romance and the romantic back into comedy. It is absolutely precious."

New York Journal of Books: "A romance between a 59-year-old prissy heroine and a 62-year-old grouchy hero should not be sexy...Wrong. Dead wrong."

Romance Novel News: "Tom and Bev's courtship is an absolute delight."

Babbling About Books: "Penny Watson proves that romance is alive, well and sexy after fifty-five."

Lurv A La Mode: "...a healthy dose of snort-worthy laughter...Watson has a uniquely clever and amusing voice..."

Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books: "Despite the unconventional set-up, APPLES SHOULD BE RED is actually very traditional in its promotion of community, family, love, and second chances."

Have a great day!