Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's The Elfin Apocalypse! The Klaus Brothers Series ON SALE FOR 99 CENTS!

The Christmas season is upon us! Time for a special holiday treat!

I recently got the rights back for The Klaus Brothers Series from my publisher, and so I re-released SWEET MAGIK (Book #2) with a brand-new cover.

I don't have any new holiday stories this year, so I thought it would be nice to offer the first two books on sale...

SWEET INSPIRATION (The Klaus Brothers Series #1) 
SWEET MAGIK (The Klaus Brothers Series #2) are 
 99 cents at these locations...

Sweet Inspiration (Book #1)... Read more about this book here!

Amazon -- 99 cents
Barnes and Noble -- 99 cents
Kobo -- 99 cents

Sweet Magik (Book #2)... Read more about this book here!

Amazon -- 99 cents
Barnes and Noble -- 99 cents
Kobo -- 99 cents

I've seen warnings on some erotica, so I thought I would add one here for my series. Ready?

THE KLAUS BROTHERS SERIES contains scenes with elves, x-treme Christmas spirit, Santa Claus, the North Pole, sex-in-a-sleigh, magic, old-fashioned romance, and very sweet scenarios. It requires a willing suspension of disbelief, a love of beards, and is enhanced by the addition of a gingerbread latte.

Good luck!

I've made up a couple of fun Etsy treasury collections to celebrate!

ELF cookies from lorisplace, Etsy

Peppermint holiday earrings from JarosDesigns, Etsy


I decided the rest of the series will be novellas. Coming up next...Sweet Adventure (#3) is Sven's story. I added a new one just for Gregor and his true love called Sweet Cinderella (#4). And the final novella is Sweet Destiny (#5), which is Wolfgang's story.

I'm hoping to get SWEET ADVENTURE out for next xmas, 2014.

Please spread the word about this awesome sale. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Love yinz,


Tales of Whimsy said...

I can not wait for 2014!!!!!

Novellas? I love it. You're brilliant!!

I heart red and white baker's twine.

BTW, I am still using and LOVING my Licking Lucy Lemon Lip Balm. I'm about to run out and might die (or have to buy more). I'm addicted.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Tweeting these now!

Penny Watson said...

Juju...I will send you some new lip balms for xmas...just email me your snail mail addy to penelope DOT romance AT gmail DOT com.

I have lemon, maple syrup (lumberjack), and peppermint for the xmas series!

Julia Barrett said...

Christmas comes early this year! Congrats, sweetie!

Tales of Whimsy said...

*happy dancing*