Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Gentle Reminder: The Path To Success

Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we forget that not everyone wants a McMansion on a hill, driveway packed with sports cars, elegant parties underway.

Some folks want a shack in the mountains, no electricity, no connection to the real world.

Everyone has different goals, different ideas of success, different forms of inspiration and motivation.

The same is true with writing.

For some, success is defined by a rank at Amazon. Best-seller lists. Awards. How much money earned per year, per book, per contract.

For some, it's a fan letter. Just one letter. Telling the author how her book made the reader laugh, cry, feel.

For some, it's finishing. Just finishing. Because that is a huge accomplishment for many people, and something to be proud of.

For some, it's trying a new genre, a new voice, a new structure. Reinvention. Experimentation. Breaking the rules. Breaking your own rules. Feeling free.

For some, it's simply putting words on paper. Watching a story unfold. It's not about publishing, or money, or the industry. It's about the writing.

For some, that is victory.

I think there is room for everyone's path in this writing universe. We all have our own personal route to success. We do not need to be judged by the same parameters.

It's difficult not to compare yourself with others. My tip today to all writers: embrace your own personal goals, feel pride in your accomplishments, your path is the right one for you.

And that's the way it should be.

Happy Storytelling To All,