Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Am So Hip And Happening! LUCY Goes Digital, Baby!

Suffice it to say, I am not the most technologically advanced person on the face of the earth.

Case in point, when I have a computer question, I ask my ten year old daughter who generously helps me out with my problem, although she does roll her eyes.

Anyhow, I knew my new kiddy book LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE would be released in print, but it took my hubby to convince me that families and children are now eagerly reading books on Kindle and iPads and other color tablets, and that it would be a nifty idea to publish my book in that format, too.

And so I did.

Thanks to the formatting master-mind Jayne, LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE is now available as a full-color ebook for Kindle. Jayne BLEW MY MIND with this ebook. It is banana nut crunch cray cray fabulous. I am not kidding!

Also, I am only charging 99 cents right now!

So, in conclusion, if you own a Kindle Fire or other color tablet and you would like to read this "crazy cute" story (from Carolyn Crane's Amazon review)....check out LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE in digital format!

Have a weenie-licious day!