Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weenie For The Win!

Painting by Sara Pulver, copyright 2013

I have been keeping most of Sara Pulver's paintings under wraps (TOP SECRET!) so I wouldn't ruin the surprise of our awesome book coming out. But I decided today--RELEASE DAY!!!!--to treat everyone to one of her special paintings. This is one of my favorites from our new book LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE. It's nothing short of brilliant. I wrote the text for this book, sent her an idea for each picture, and let her go with her imagination. Every single time, she surprised me with a vision I had not anticipated, and she created something more, something better, something simply amazing. I cried when I saw this painting for the first time.

Just in case, you didn't know....


What is it?

A 32-page, full color, 8.5x8.5 picture book, in paperback, about a super hero weenie dog with an obsessive compulsive licking problem.

Who should read it?

Everyone! I would especially recommend parents and kids snuggling together, surrounded by stuffed animals and real animals, hopefully with a plate of cookies close by.

How much is it?


Where can I find it?

Where can I find more information about LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE?

Reasons to buy LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE....

1. You are super bummed you cannot attend the Westminster Dog Show in New York.

2. You need a birthday gift for the 8 year old best friend of your daughter, and the kid is spoiled rotten and already has everything.

3. You like dogs.

4. You love dogs.

5. You love animals.

6. You love super heroes.

7. You have a wee little obsession with dachshunds, that might include a collection of doxie figurines, stuffed animals and salt and pepper shakers. (Ahem).

8. You need a coffee table book that doesn't have photos of naked ladies in it.

9. You need a dose of something positive, happy, and inspiring.

10. You love books that make you happy.

I can think of many more, but mostly, I would recommend this book because it will make you happy. That's the best reason of all.


To Sara Pulver for creating this vision! And being amazing to work with.
To Vicki Garbe and Kate Sohl and Margot Roth for helping with edits and feedback.
To Anne Nydam for being a Create Space master of disaster.
To Sharon Breitbart for designing my author web page.
To all my friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues for love and support.

To Lucy. The cutest, lickiest, most super heroic dog I know.

All my best,
Penelope aka Nina Clark aka Penny Watson aka Lucy's Mom.