Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Would Just Like To Thank The Academy...

For everyone who told me how gorgeous I looked at the Oscars...thank you. I know. I looked freakin' fantastic in this sparkly silver dress.

To everyone who told me how delicious these lemon thumbprint cookies turned out, thank you. I know. They kicked ass. I made them with Julia Rachel Barrett's home-made lemon curd. Also, I started Julia's Daughters of Persephone series, and I loved the first story! Great combination of sci fi and romance. It's FREE right now at Amazon.

To everyone who recommended Jayne Ann Krentz's book ALL NIGHT LONG, I would like to say thank you. I loved it! This is a great suspense novel, with a super sexy and eccentric ex-marine, a determined and quirky heroine, lots of great chemistry and humor, and a nice mystery thrown in for good measure. The intervention scene is hilarious!

To Duncan, the 4 year old boy who read LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE and said "It's alarious" I say...thank you. I know. It is alarious. And I'm super glad you liked it!

To all of you, I say...

Have a great day!