Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who's In The Mood For A Sweaty Lumberjack?

Still celebrating the release of my novella LUMBERJACK IN LOVE! It is currently #2 on Amazon's list of Hot New Releases in the romance anthology category, and #35 on the bestseller list for romance anthologies.

✵I made up an ETSY Lumberjack In Love collection. Check it out!

✵I also have been researching lumberjack cocktails. Here's one if you're interested in drinking like a lumberjack....

SWEATY LUMBERJACK COCKTAIL: Shot of rum, shot of Tabasco, shot of tequila. Drink like a lumberjack, then pass out in your plaid shirt.

✵Some more quotes are trickling in about LUMBERJACK IN LOVE...

From Smexybooks: "...a light romp through the Vermont mountains...plenty of smexy times and memorable scenes..."

From Kate at Babbling About Books: "Adorable, funny, sexy..."

"Made me smile." -- Jen, at Goodreads

And KarLynP posted some awesome "pics" of Marcus and Ami on her review at Goodreads. Check it out! I love this quote from her... "Lumberjack In Love was a HOT, funny, small town romance with great chemistry and quirky characters."

✵The book cover is getting a lot of attention. Folks either love it or hate it. Which is good. It definitely stands out from the crowd. Since my book has a lot of humor, I wanted the cover to be tongue-in-cheek and funny, too. I had Anne Nydam (an amazing artist who lives in my hometown) make a block print-style cover referencing the hilarious 1980s romance covers with the kneeling, adoring heroine staring up into Fabio's eyes. We just substituted our modern-day characters in a silly way. This cover totally captures the cute, funny feel of my story.

✵For all of you who have a NOOK and want to read my story (which is only available for Kindle at the moment) please see this FABULOUS blog piece about how to convert the Kindle format for a NOOK or other e-reader. Huge thanks to Kris at Deeply Dapper for this kick-ass post!

✵ETA: Babbling About Books is doing a give-away for LUMBERJACK IN LOVE today! Please stop by to enter, and check out Kate's kind words about the story.

On today's agenda: order promo stuff. I'm thinking plaid bookmarks and naughty T-shirts. Hooray!

Have a happy day,