Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is It Christmas Yet?

Once upon a time, I thought I would be working on 3 different books over the course of 4 months.

Then it turned into 3 months.

Then 2 months.

And now, somehow, inexplicably, it is getting squeezed into a matter of weeks.

Photo of Penny with crazy eyes.

Well, LUMBERJACK IN LOVE is out. And something cool happened. Folks started reading it. And liking it. And then they wanted to read more of my books. And then they realized SWEET INSPIRATION was not available. And then they started bugging me. And then I figured...oh what the hell! I was going to wait until December, but I might as well re-issue it now.'s off to JW Manus, Formatter Master O' Disaster. Got this banging new cover, compliments of Sharon Breitbart. It's GORGEOUS! And my eyes are only slightly crazy at this moment. 

I will let everyone know when SI is out. And then it's back to the weenie dog book.

Hope you are all happy, healthy and your eyes are only mildly crazy,


Unknown said...

Crazy eyes and Tiara - a perfect match. and for it nearing Christmas. I just mentioned to Ishbel who doesn't do food shopping that the food stores are all rolling out their Christmass goody lines - so it must be nearly here!!!!,

Julia Barrett said...

Oooh, crazy eyes... scary! But oh so exciting! Can't wait! Love the cover.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Lucy makes it for me! I was a no, but it's a yes from me!

Penny Watson said...

Tom...I 'm not ready for xmas yet, but evidently some of my "fans" (hee hee...I HAVE FANS! HOLY CRAP!) want to read my xmas story NOW! *gulp*

Penny Watson said...

Julia...I know my crazy eyes don't scare you. I love the cover, too! Thanks!

Penny Watson said...'re ready? How about Halloween first! Natty just ordered her Cleopatra costume. :^)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

No, Penny, not really an Xmas kind of person any more, but for you I would make an exception!

Lindsay said...

That's awesome! Always better to have people bugging you for more instead of silence and crickets! Good luck with your busy schedule!

Gaby G said...

I loved the previous cover but this one is good too! So...I'm one of those fans who wants more of the five sexy sons !!!!