Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning Updates

Here's a totally random stream-of-consciousness rambling. With a couple of rants thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

1. I attempted to read Kissin' Tell (Rough Riders #13) by Lorelei James this weekend. Ugh! I DNFed it. The "hero" was a man slut who couldn't remember the names of the women he slept with. The heroine was a horndog who was pissed at the hero for treating her with respect and consideration instead of boinking her the first chance he got. Ooooooo-kay. I hated them separately. I hated them together. I hated the storyline (a repeat of the same old "blackmail you into sleeping with me" thing that I've already seen by this author). This was awful. I had to read two back-to-back Stephanie Laurens to erase the memory from my mind. Yuck.

For the record, I recently read All Jacked Up (Rough Riders #8) which I loved (5 stars). This series is pretty uneven....there are some great reads and some stinkers. Oh well.

2. In light of the ridiculousness that is happening at Goodreads (ridiculous authors getting their panties in a bunch, ridiculous reviewers ganging up on commenters, asinine Goodreads policies about posting reviews and comments), I have actually gone back to the Amazon romance message boards! Ha! Never thought that would happen. But guess what I found? There is almost no self-promo going on, and there are actually some excellent conversations about books and reading. Hmmm. Which I think is what Goodreads is supposed to be, ain't happening lately. Hell has indeed frozen over.

3. I was forced to take my daughter and her friend to Ice Age 4. The only thing I hate more than kiddy movies, there isn't anything. I hate kiddy movies with a passion usually reserved for a bearded Hugh Jackman. Well, the joke's on me! Because the movie was actually sort of cute and I didn't want to pierce my eyeball with a sharp stick. And the preview for Rise of the Guardians (2013) looked totally rockin'.....can't wait for that one.

4. Some exciting NECRWA news.....our own Caroline Linden won the RITA for Romance Novella (I LOVE THE EARL)! Yippeee! Way to go, Caroline!

5. Twitter Tip: If you decide to follow someone, say hello. Don't just follow them, and expect a follow back. Be polite. New people who follow you but don't say hi are sort of like creepy folks standing next to you at a party. Just standing there. Staring. (*Penny looks over her shoulder*)

6. I convinced my hubby to take me out for Mexican food this weekend. As I was enjoying my icy cold Corona, the family sitting next to us (2 extremely young parents and 4 kids all under the age of 8) started a food fight. At a restaurant. No sh*t. There were French fries flying through the air. The dad completely ignored the entire thing...he was looking at his iphone the whole time. The mom was yelling "Stop it! Stop it!" And the kids were laughing their asses off and flinging food at each other. After they left, my hubs turned to me and said (with a totally straight face) "I think those parents might have been in over their heads." Ya think? Oy.

7. Time for one of my all-time biggest pet peeves. Ready? I HATE HATE HATE it when I want to make a hotel reservation, call a nice hotel, and find out that they have a two-night minimum stay. In other words, they are discriminating against single-night travelers. A hotel has absolutely no freakin' business trying to dictate my travel plans. If I want to say one night, then I want to stay one night. And if they are not willing to accommodate me or anyone else interested in a single night stay, then they need to put IN BIG BOLD WRITING ON THEIR HOMEPAGE.....


I find it unbelievably rude for hotels to follow this policy. And once I find out that a hotel does this, I will never call them again. Ever. I tried to make reservations in Newport for a weekend in August, and I finally gave up. But guess what? There were many lovely hotels in New Hampshire who welcomed me with open arms. God bless New Hampshire. I will be staying at the Hanover Inn and taking my mother to Simon Pearce Restaurant for a delicious meal at my favorite restaurant. I'm really looking forward to it!

Thus concludes my rambling and rants for the morning. I hope everyone has a great week!

All my best,


anny cook said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Hope you have a great day. I'm with you on the hotel issue!

Brie said...

I never say hello to the people I follow on Twitter! I don't want them to think I'm saying hi as a not-so-veiled hint that they should follow me back or something. We need a Twitter etiquette book or something because now I wonder if instead of needy I come across as rude...

Twitter is a funny place because the line between interesting and annoying is so thin you can cross it, leave it behind and never notice. I just had an author ask me to follow her and I was confused and annoyed, but of course I followed because I felt kind of bad, now I’m stuck with author Spammy McSpam-a-Lot. At least I've gotten better at unfollowing people I don't like.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Anny! too! It's a gorgeous day here in Boston.

Penny Watson said...

Brie.....this is a great point. There is a HUGE difference between introducing yourself "Hi! Just checked out your blog and it looks great"--something like that. Or, "Hi! I just read your book ABC and I loved it." A regular introduction is always good. However, asking someone to follow you back IS AN ABSOLUTE NO-NO. That is crazy. I can't believe an author asked you to follow her back. And if she's spamming you, UNFOLLOW immediately. That is totally rude.

You're right. We need an etiquette book! I just told Twitter (who of course ignored me..hee hee!) that it's too bad we don't have an "unsubscribe" button like Facebook. That way, you don't have to see irritating spam in your twitterstream, but you don't have to offend someone by unfollowing. I wish Twitter had that option. I simply don't have time to make up lists with every single person I really want to follow in my twitterstream.

Unknown said...

Oh Penny, I never thought I would ever say this (being the tightwad that I am): buy it and read it, no matter how bad it is, I have always finished them.. until now will be telling all later this week..

As a grand dad I usually go to the cheap cinema on a Sunday Morning the kids get in cheap and are allowed to bring an adult for free every weekend, so I get to see a lot of them. The kids know when I am not enjoying the movie as they have to cover their embarrassment as they try and stop me from snoring! bless em they keep inviting me back though LoL

As to the hotels, clearly their charges are so high they are making enough money to think, 'one nighters - travelling salesmen ( are they still on the road?) We don't want them - TITS

Julia Barrett said...

Love your rants and rambles. Told ya! Amazon has spruced itself up - no more nasty drama. I'm loving the discussion boards now.

Re the hotel thing - yes, always an issue. Annoying.

Re DNF-ing - happens on occasion.

Twitter followers - I'm very cautious. I don't normally follow out of the blue and if I do I may not say anything because I am so accustomed to getting spammed. Don't want anyone to think I'm a spammer. But if someone has a great avatar or tagline or photo or website, or I've read their book, I will mention it.

Penny Watson said...

Tom....I usually make my hubby take the kids to the movies, bec. he doesn't hate kiddy movies as much as I do. He's a good sport! But this weekend he was working and I was forced to do it....luckily it wasn't so bad. ;^)

The volume at the movies is so loud I wouldn't even hear you if you were snoring!

Penny Watson said...

Julia...hmm...interesting. I think if you mention you checked out their book, website, etc and say hello it will not come across as spam. It will only come across as spam if you say "Hi! BUY MY BOOK!" which you would never do. Although many other schmoes do it.


Heidenkind said...

Ha! I opened a LibraryThing account this weekend. :p I find it really hard to believe people on Amazon aren't being catty and self-promotion-y.... But if Amazon got its act together maybe GoodReads will too?

Penny Watson said...

Tasha....I don't think that GR will get its act together until it figures out what its function is. Is it a social media site for readers? Or is it a promotional tool for authors? Because frankly, you can't be both. As the GR ruckus has clearly demonstrated.

Library Thing! Another one!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Spammy McSpam-a-lot, lol! Unfortunately, I've had the same thing happen on Twitter.

I've had THREE books lately I just couldn't bear to finish. ugh!

Penny Watson said...

Hi HMCW!3 DNFs? That's bad. I've had weeks like that. I'm just about to start a comedy zombie romance story (??) so hopefully it should be quirky and different. Here's hoping!