Thursday, February 10, 2011

Countdown to Valentine Weenie Dog Extravaganza

I am so excited for my trip to New York to see the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, I am practically hyperventilating. My daughter (8 years old and ready to rock-n-roll) and I are attending this sacred event at Madison Square Garden on Valentine's Day. Today I am getting ready by (1) looking for clothes w/ weenie dogs, and (2) looking for jewelry with weenie dogs. And, I guess I'll confirm train tickets and stuff like that, too.

For some inexplicable reason, the topiary bushes I mean poodles, always seem to final in the Best In Show event. A dachshund has never won Westminster. This is a travesty against weenie dogs world-wide. I am considering picketing the front of the show with a huge sign that says STOP THE MADNESS WEENIE DOGS MUST WIN WESTMINSTER TOPIARY BUSHES GO HOME.

I'm not sure if my daughter will be on board with this plan or not. If I promise her a new American Girl doll, she will probably join me.

Happy Day,