Friday, February 11, 2011

Beard of the Day

Ha ha! The only beard that counts this week! The sweet, lovable whiskers on a wirehaired doxie.

I will be gone from Saturday-Tuesday for my trip to NYC to see the Westminster Dog Show. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a festive Valentine's Day. I will try to check in via Twitter if possible.

Super quickie reading update: I read the crazy Orca shapeshifter book, The Orca King by D. Foster. It wasn't half bad (B-)...I enjoyed the Native American stuff, the interracial lovin' angle, and the legend was sort of sweet. The yucky flash-back at the end was a downer, but other than that, it was pretty decent. That'll teach me to make fun of funky Orca shapeshifting books. Bring on the gingerbread shapeshifter! I am sooooo ready for that one! Ha!

Ready for The Big Apple, and A Posse of Barking, Swaggering Weenie Dogs,