Friday, October 29, 2010

Beard of the Day

I have never watched True Blood.

(Sometimes I wish I had HBO, darn it!)

Joe Manganiello appears to be the sexiest werewolf on the face of the earth. Even though I don't watch his show, I know several important facts about this gentleman.

1) He's from Pittsburgh, PA and is a big Steelers fan (Go, Steelers! Yinz iz the best!)
2) He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (Da Burgh, again!)
3) His beard is thick, dark and rich like a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Hope all yinz have a good weekend...
Happy Halloween!


(Lucy the wiener dog dressed up like Santa for Halloween! Ho ho ho!)


Linda Banche said...

Actually, I think the dog is cuter.

But them, I don't like beards, although the rest of the guy is pretty good. *g*

Barb said...

The guy is lovely.....but the puppy is soooo cute!! Hope he has fun on Halloween and isn't too scared!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Linda! One vote for Lucy...woo hoo!

You don't like beards????? Oh, the horror! I'll have to try subliminal messages to convert you to the dark side.


Penny Watson said...

Hi Barb...Lucy loves Halloween. All the kids in the neighborhood give her lots of attention.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Nice beard! Rent the first season of True Blood, aside from one dream scene in the second season with Sookie and Eric, skip it - except Godric (Eric's maker) was great! The third season was unwatchable for me, but Season One is brilliant!
Cute puppy! This will be my puppy's first Halloween - my other dog, Louie, loved Halloween. Despite the fact that he was a 100 pound German shepherd, he'd put on a costume and go to the door to pass out candy with me. All the little kids would pet him. We'll see how Jake does!

Penelope said...

Hi Julia....I thought about it, but honestly, I'm not really into watching TV that much. I would rather read!

Hope Jake has a successful Halloween!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Sweet cheezits he's hot!