Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review of Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole

The first time I read A Hunger Like No Other I was blown out of the water. It was like no other paranormal romance I had ever read. Kresley Cole created a paranormal world where fey beings fall in love with werewolves, vampires fall in love with ghosts, female characters are more terrifying and violent than the men, pop culture references abound, and strong, intense characters have incredibly sexy journeys. I was in love....with a new-to-me author and the world she created. I have enjoyed a lot of the other books in the series, but until now, I have waiting for one that matched the awesomeness of AHLNO. Demon from the Dark did it.

Demon from the Dark has three things I love in my romance novels..."alternative" families who pull together over the course of the book, a terribly damaged hero whose journey is breathtakingly satisfying for the reader (and the heroine, too!) and flat-out incredible sex scenes.

Malkom is reminiscent of Zsadist from JR Ward's series in many ways....a blood slave, abused, on the verge of losing his sanity. Unlike Zsadist, who has his twin and the other brothers, Malkom is completely and utterly alone. His journey from savageness to ultra-protective, loving and even gentle is astonishing. He is without a doubt one of my new favorite heroes.

Carrow is a great heroine and counterpart for him...equally fierce, equally protective over her newly adopted daughter, and finally overcome by the depth of Malkom's devotion to her. What a love story!

I love how Carrow, Malkom and Ruby become a family. Wonderful!

I love how Kresley Cole builds the sexual tension. She is a master at this....just amazing. The "bath scene"....oh!

The bath scene!

The bath scene!

The bath scene!

dubba dubba dubba dubba.....OK, I'm babbling. Seriously, that scene is hands-down the best "sex" scene of the year. Jiminy Cricket! At one point, I realized the scene had gone on for chapters, and I was praying it would never end. Sooooooooo good! Whew!

I am completely in awe of Kresley Cole's talent...she has created two amazing characters, a touching and lusty love story, and a HEA that is just what the doctor ordered for my healing heart.

Thank you, Kresley Cole!
Grade: A+

Sighing with happiness and hoping a demon/vampire falls out of the sky and into my lap,