Sunday, April 14, 2019

POEM: It's good till it's not

It's good till it's not

Take your coat off

Stay a while

The sofa's new, orange twill with flecks of green

Settle on the cushion,

Still plump and firm and willing to

Prop you up

Stay a while

Coffee's brewing

Bubblin' in the percolator

TV's black and white

You get so comfy

Up and down

For a snack

A drink

A potty break

A phone call

A neighbor looking for sugar

A neighbor looking for Sugar, Sugar

A tiny dent appears in the sofa

Just the size of your derriere

Sitting there

Still plump and firm and willing to

Prop you up

Until it's not

Sinking in

A coil escapes

The fabric rips and now that

Pretty orange cushion is tufts of shredded foam

Doesn't smell so good

Maybe like a coffee spill?

Deeper, deeper,

No sugar's gonna fix this hole

Snack is moldy

Drink burns going down

Potty is cracked

Phone's obsolete

Neighbor died last year

And the sofa

The sofa

Hurts to sit

Put your coat back on

Open the door

Funny, the view looks different

I don't remember the flames.

© 2019 Nina Roth Borromeo